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TravelDream is a Swiss organization to help you with your travel dreams.

TravelDream… Travel is our dream ... 

We are not a travel agency but a team of Organizer, Reporter around the world, Partner with travel guide books, Tour Operator, Participant in great projects, research and discovery.

We are a non-profit organization , we actually receive about 12 000 visitors per year and we expect to reach about approx. 30 000 per year.

 Geographical distribution :

Switzerland : 40% - Europe : 40% - Rest of the World : 20%

  • Come, enjoy and get informed

 We would like to promote some countries on our website www.traveldream.ch, our passion in different kind of assist third world countries ( humatarian aid, ideas, projects ).

Our goal is to inform the travelers about various countries : facilities, things to do and visits, best deals, helpful travel trips etc...

Also, we dedicate a SPECIAL selection of resorts and promote main events.

  • Our experience, your travel

 Our team can inspire you about different countries where they are reporting, such as special expeditions ( ex : Ushuaia, Central America, Africa, extrem sports activities ).

We will keep you up to date with all travel things.

  • Proud to work with

As organizer, animator, we are attending many meetings. Travelling as a travel agent, journalist, reporter, photographer in many countries around the world.

Tour Operator and active participation in assisting travel agencies,  travel guide book fluent in english and french.

We have already worked for many Tourism offices such as the Egypt Tourism Autority, Tahiti Tourism... 

  • Get expert tips and a special selection for travel

Take it easy, we will help you to take what you need for your holidays !

Website for travelling and travellers, we have a selection of special touristic addresses chosen and tested by our team. Almost all SportsCenters, Hotels and Resorts we tested are 5* establishments or of an exceptionnal class. A V.I.P project around the world reachable for all and directly.

 We also provide :

 Travel facilities : first aid medical kit

Travel essential : process for travel visas, foreign currency converter, tax rebate etc... 

  • Adventure & Sports Travel Experts

 Coach for "Youth & Sport Federation", former of Assistant-Monitors in various kind of sports, demonstration in extreme sports. Invited to exhibit in Tourism Congress, any kind of Extreme Sports & Multi-Sport activities : Monitor/Instructor : Karate, Ski Diving, Rescue etc...

Passion in children sports development ( choice of discipline, sport coaching).

Our mission is to present you the challenge of exceptionnal Swiss athletes and travel professionals who have tested many destinations, in particular 5* establishements and who are able to represent them, to promote them in various magazines, press articles, pocket booklets and travel guides, also to numerous tour operators or even better on our website www.traveldream.ch 

  • Media kit communication for Corporate & Leisure Tourism

The success of a trip depends largely of the quality of its preparation! Our staff is also participating in various training courses, among others : photos, videos but also business seminars ( how to increase your turnover ) and journalist training courses.

We can show you some extensive results and certifications of stay ( Indonesia, Palau, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Egypt etc... )

We can provide you photographs, films, internet websites, press kits for numerous travel organizations. We can assist you in Organisation of numerous exhibition ( booth & media kit ).


Be curious, Travel & Dream !